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Embrace the Convenience of Delivery Platforms
In today’s fast-paced world, offering delivery services is essential for staying competitive in the pizzeria industry. And while you might have in-house drivers and delivery, adding popular platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub will allow your pizzeria to connect with a whole new audience! At Pizzeria Pros, we specialize in all types of Delivery & Reservation Platform Integrations, where we seamlessly connect your pizzeria to all the top delivery and even reservation platforms like OpenTable, Resy and more! Embrace the convenience of online ordering, and expand your dining reach by connecting your pizzeria to the hottest reservation platforms on the net.

Streamlined Online Ordering with the Latest Delivery Platforms
Delivery Platform Integration isn’t easy, while you’d think it’s just a quick sign up the fact is that it involves a number of technical steps and there are often a lot of hoops and hurdles to jump through! Having worked in the space for many years, the Pizzeria Pros have a number of first-hand contacts at all the biggest delivery and reservation companies and will be able to simplify your onboarding process and streamline your way to taking orders in no time!

Technical Steps and Logistics for Every Delivery & Reservation Platform
Plus with a number of different technical steps involved like setting up the iPad or tablets, onboarding the app, training your staff, connecting to your website and existing order and POS system – you want a strong, tech-savvy team who knows the best methods and logistics for your business’ success! We’ve tested out different marketing methods and platform settings for all the latest reservation and delivery apps in the industry, so we can save you valuable trial and error time and guide you to the perfect setup that’s ideal for your business and its capacity!

The Beauty of Dine-In Service with Reservation Platforms
One major step in your pizzeria’s business success might be pushing for more dine-in business. While some pizzerias are comfortable with smaller lunch crowds, and are built for purely take-out and grab-n-go pizza, many others have seen incredible success by putting resources into improving their dine-in business and experience. So if youre looking to transform your business from a quick, grab-n-go pizzeria, to a full fledged italian restaurant or cafe that can seat family dinners, romantic dates and more – Pizzeria Pros is here to help!

Maximize Your Reach, Minimize Effort
By integrating with multiple delivery and reservation platforms, your pizzeria gains exposure to a vast customer base that may have otherwise been difficult to reach. Pizzeria Pros takes care of the integration process, saving you time and effort, so you can focus on what you do best — making delicious pizzas. Plus, many of these platforms offer in-app marketing services, while some are paid add-ons, others are simply a part of the service and our team will help you make the best use of those vital features!

Embrace the New World of Hospitality with Pizzeria Pros By Your Side!
For more information on online delivery and reservation platform integration and other services be sure to contact Pizzeria Pros today.

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